Cairnwood Estate & Farms


Cairnwood Estate & Farms


Photographs and documents from Cairnwood, the home of PPG co-founder John Pitcairn. Cairnwood, a Beaux Arts style building designed by architects Carrere & Hastings, was completed in 1895. The estate included poultry, vegetable and dairy farms, orchards and greenhouses. The home was the community center of the fledgling village of Bryn Athyn, PA.


John & Gertrude Pitcairn Papers, Glencairn Museum Archives.
Diane (Conard) Franklin and Lloyd J. Conard
Academy of the New Church Archives




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Young John Pitcairn
A portrait photograph of John Pitcairn as a young man. This is one of a very few photographs of Pitcairn without gray hair.

Elder John Pitcairn
Portrait of John Pitcairn c. 1900.

Cairnwood Dairy wagon #1
Cairnwood Dairy operated from c. 1895 until 1948. In the early days, milk was delivered by means of horse-drawn wagon. It is known that at least two dairy wagons were used, but not if they were used concurrently or consecutively. Dairy Wagon #1…

Cairnwood Dairy Wagon #2
Digital image taken circa 1920 of Cairnwood Dairy Wagon #2 and long-time dairyman Joseph P. Conard. This wagon no longer exists. Joseph Conard worked the Cairnwood Dairy beginning about 1914 and didn't retire until 1948, the dairy closing soon…

Cairnwood & Farm from Glencairn Tower
Photograph of Cairnwood & Farms taken from the tower of Glencairn. The photo is c. 1940 judging from the lack of residential buildings in the background. The Cairnwood Dairy barn (with the two grain silos) can be seen in the background.

Joseph Conard at the Milk House
2011_11_04_0001 Photo of Cairnwood Dairy's dairyman, Joseph Conard in the doorway of the "milkhouse." He is handling a 20 gallon mik can that has come down the "trolley" wire from the cow barn.

Lloyd I. Conard with calf.
Lloyd I. Conard, son of Joseph Conard (Cairnwood Farms dairyman), with calf.

Lloyd J. Conard with calf.
Lloyd J. Conard, grandson of Joseph Conard (Cairnwood Farms dairyman), with calf.

Joseph P. Conard with calf.
Joseph P. Conard, Cairnwood Farms' main dairyman from about 1914 until the diary closed in 1948, poses with a calf outside Cairnwood's diary barn. The milk house and the delivery truck (a 1935 International) are visible in the background.

Cairnwood Milk House diagram
A diagram of Cairnwood Dairy's milk house, drawn by Lloyd J. Conard. Lloyd was dairyman Joe Conard's grandson and occasionally go with Joe on the milk rounds. This is how he remembers the workings of the milk house.
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